Bach (Acorus Calamus)

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GREEN GALAXY-2013 The Who’s Who of Indian Herbal Sector SPECIAL FEATURE

BACH [Acorus calamus L.]

Trade Name: Bach, Ghorbach English name: Sweet Flag Botanical Name: Acorus calamus L. Family: Acoraceae Synonyms: Acorus calamus var. americanus Raf.; Acorus calamus var. angustatus Besser; Acorus calamus var. calamus Vernacular Names in Indian languages: Sanskrit: Vacha Assamese: Vach Bengali: Bach Gujarati: Vekhand Hindi: Bach Kannada: Baje, Gida Malayalam: Vayampa Marathi: Vekhand

Odia: Bacha Punjabi: Bach Tamil: Vashambu Telugu: Vasa Urdu: Waj Vernacular Names in other languages: Arabic: Waj Nepali: Bojho Sinhala: Wadakaha Parts used: Root, Seed Used in Systems of medicine: Ayurveda, Folk, Modern, Siddha, Tibetan, Unani Flowering and fruiting: July – August Harvesting Period: August-October Distribution: Wild and cultivated throughout India in damp marshy


GREEN GALAXY-2013 The Who’s Who of Indian Herbal Sector SPECIAL FEATURE

Bach or Sweet flag is thought to have originated in Central Asia and probably indigenous to India, found common in areas that surround the Himalayas. As a result of cultivation, it has spread throughout the globe, found across Europe, in southern Russia, northern Asia Minor, southern Siberia, China, Japan, Burma, Sri Lanka, Australia, as well as southern Canada and northern USA. Calamus has long been a symbol of male love. The name is associated with a Greek myth on Kalamos, son of the river-god Maeander. In Japan, the plant is a symbol of the samurai's bravery because of its sharp sword-like leaves. Teton-Dakota warriors chewed the root to a paste, which they rubbed on their faces. It prevented excitement and fear when facing an enemy. In Penobscot homes, the root was cut and hung up. Steaming it throughout the home is thought to cure sickness.

have also been used as a thatch for roofs. Food and Flavouring: An essential oil from the rhizome is used in perfumery and as food flavouring, it has a...
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