Babysitting for Sociology

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  • Published : December 7, 2010
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Over the past seven years I have come to learn many different things about myself and about children due to babysitting. I first started babysitting when I was a about eleven years of age. I started off by watching my younger brothers when my parents went out at night. That affected my biological rhythm (274). My body was used to going to sleep around nine o’clock since I was still young, but I had to force myself to stay up so I could watch over my brothers while they slept. I sometimes found myself staying up till about midnight! Since I was so tired from staying up it seemed to have an affect on my sleeping also. It seemed like I would have more dreams that I could vividly remember the next morning (280). The next couple of nights after I babysat, it seemed like by body was on REM rebound due to the stages of REM sleep I would miss (276).

Now that I am older I have trained my body to be able to stay awake and not feel like I had sleep derivation the next day (280). During the duration of training my body to stay awake late, I learned a few things the hard way. I first thought that if I drank a lot of caffeine I would be able to stay awake longer and easier. Well that thought nearly ruined me! It wasn’t soon after I started relying on caffeine that my body became tolerant to it, and it seemed like I couldn’t go sleep without it or wake up without it (297)! At first it seemed like I was going through a withdrawal period (297). My body was craving the caffeine so badly that I felt sick without it. From that experience I have learned that doing homework or talking on the phone helps me stay awake while I am waiting on the children’s parents to get home. I am lucky that I have only suffered from addiction to caffeine and not drugs. A friend of mine became addicted to cocaine due to having to stay awake late for school. When she took that drug she said it made her feel like she could stay awake forever. To stay awake that is what a person wants to feel. Cocaine...
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