Babysitting at It's Finest

Topics: Want, English-language films, Childcare Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: October 22, 2012
Babysitting at its finest

There are many perks to babysitting three kids, a dog in a ridiculously large house. Now don’t get me wrong, I do it because I need the money, I’m a teenager, what do you expect? But like we’ve learnt before, life isn’t always about the money. So listen closely as I fill you in on other reasons as to why I really love babysitting, satirically of course. Now that we’ve established that I babysit to earn money, let me start off by telling you that one of the main reasons I love my job is because even though student wage is $9.60, I get paid $10 an hour. I mean, I’m not complaining at all, especially since I don’t even do half the work a regular job requires. I put the kids in bed by eight o’clock, I read them a bedtime story, and then I just sit down, watch television and even go on the internet. For the next four or five hours I can really do whatever I want. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with the kids, but most of the time, children can really get annoying after the first hour or so. Second of all, since the kids are in bed really early, the parents are gone; why not explore and see what interesting things I can find in the house. I mean, haven’t you heard of that one saying, “what’s yours, is mine?” Well that definitely applies to me in this case, especially since I must keep myself occupied, I don’t want to fall asleep on the job! My favourite destination to visit would definitely have to be the kitchen. First stop, the fridge and cupboards. As I help myself to raiding the fridge, I usually get very excited, considering the food is usually delicious opposed to what I sometimes eat at home. But, who’s complaining? They have a washer and dryer, so while you’re there why use it? I mean it’s tough living in a house with five other individuals, take any occasion you get! Oh, and I cannot forget about the television usage! All the PPV movies that are usually over $6 a piece, each are always the best. Lastly, most...
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