Babylon Revisited

Topics: Time, Present, Myopia Pages: 2 (846 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Tianna Borst
English 103 A
Timo K.
Babylon Revisited
All people can relate to living with the past. We all make mistakes and we all stumble along our ways. Some make greater mistakes then others, but we all make them. Dealing with them as part of our present can sometimes be overwhelming. Although it is a difficult part of life, it is a part of life that we all can relate to. Some have to learn this lesson the tough way. Some learn that the past does not only hurt us now, but can affect who we are today. Charlie Wales, in "Babylon revisited," challenges us to make a decision about him while also reflecting on ourselves, but still plays the largest role in conveying the story's theme where Fitzgerald illuminates how the past still plays a role today and how short sightedness can be damaging.                 Charlie's past cannot escape him all throughout the story. No matter the location in Paris, or who he meets, his past follows him. Whether he is walking around or visiting the in-laws, he cannot escape it. For the story itself this plays a large role. It begins to show in the very beginning with the bartender recognizing him and then builds throughout the story. The fact that every part of the story contains in some way a part of Charlie's past cannot be ignored. Even when he goes for a walk by himself, his past party spots are the destinations, and his thoughts drift to the past fun wild life style he enjoyed there. His past, though, is characterized into Lorraine and Duncan. His former party buddies come in on the night Charlie were supposed to obtain Honoria's custody. This is a literal representation of how the past can come back to haunt ones present. In this situation, Charlie's past comes back to bite him at the worst possible time. Not only do his old drinking buddies come over unannounced, they are intoxicated at the time and insist Charlie comes joins them. To Marion this shows undoubtedly that Charlie has not changed at all. To the...
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