Topics: 2007 singles, Thought, Mind Pages: 4 (1750 words) Published: March 10, 2013
The room was filled with emptiness and darkness but my thoughts were filling the space. The air conditioner was on, it weren’t making much noise, thanks to the latest technology but the silent buzz was loud enough to interrupt my thinking. So I got off my bed and walked up to the A/C controller and swiftly switched it off. The very next second the room was conquered with nothing but pure silence. It was awfully quiet but the awfulness felt amazing. I walked to the bed by taking slow patient strides and sat down. My motionless movements made me feel impatient although there was not much energy in me to react according to my feelings. I can’t spell out my inner feelings at this very moment but there is only one word that would describe my mundane behavior and that would be ‘motionless’. As I am sitting on my bed staring at a thousand miles of nothing, I begin to miss the ocean. Oh how much I miss that wonderful, peaceful seascape, how it makes its tidal roar by its waves clashing hard on to the shore, how it makes me feel as if I am escaping my thoughts but right now, there was no escape from these thoughts. They have to be thought upon and decisions to be taken in order to have a bright tomorrow. All of a sudden I felt a chilling breeze across my neck which then gradually started blowing aside my long hair. As I looked towards the window and noticed that it is wide open. I slowly got off the bed, nonchalantly grabbing the shawl off the bed’s head board, wrapped it around me and walked up to the window that leads to the balcony. As soon as I kept my first step out in the balcony the wind whooshed by me pulling away my shawl and blowing away my hair, this time the breeze felt too cruel on me, by now I was used to the worlds unspoken cruelty towards me, as always I ignored the emotions within me and strolled to the edge where a glass separated the balcony with the nothingness. Looking down the balcony from above 25 floors had always frightened me. Not this time...
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