Baby Think Twice

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Love, Wine Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Love is such a happy feeling. Love is one of the things you can be inspired of, but what if you are too young and you feel that you are in love, would you try to get into a relationship even of you know the consequences of it? Are you brave enough to handle heartaches? Are you ready to give up some things in your life for the sake of your relationship? For me, being involved in an early relationship is not that good for teenagers. Entering into a relationship at a very young age requires a lot of time management, understanding and maturity.

Being involved in an early relationship at a young age, can have a bad effect in your studies. If you’re a student and you are in a relationship at the same time, you may lose focus on studying. For example instead of she was reviewing her lessons in school, she might prioritize texting with her boyfriend, another example, rather than thinking of studying, and she is also thinking of her partner. Being in a relationship makes you lose your attention in studying, it can cause a failing grade. Worse case is that you won’t finish your studies because of early pregnancy.

Your time for your family and friends will be divided because some teenagers spend more time with their partners rather than their friends or family. When you have a boyfriend/girlfriend you have more time spending with them rather than your family or friends, for example, your boyfriend is asking for a date, at the same time your family has a plan to have a family outing, your decision will be with your boyfriend because you thought you love him so much and you don’t want to disappoint him.. You have less time spending with your friends because you prioritize more time with your boyfriend. You lose a bonding time with your family and friends just because you prioritize more your boyfriend.

When you broke up with each other you will be hurt in an early age because of heart/ love problems. Having a relationship is a happy feeling, but when it comes...
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