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A Thesis Proposal to be passed to the faculty of Arts and Sciences, English Area Cavite State University-Cavite City Campus

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of English 7 – Scientific Reporting and Thesis Writing

Anna Bernadette P. Odion

Marie Antoinette P. Odion

Jay-ar Quiambao

John Paul V. Paragas

Russell Angelo L. Balan

Chapter I

Problem and its Background

I. Introduction

The computer is one of the great technological triggers for future change. Computer nowadays have infiltrated every aspect of our society, and now they do much more than simply compute; computers can now be an office tool and is now used in businesses, Softwares also have been developed prior to the development of computers. With the ever-increasing processing and graphical capabilities of computers and console products, along with an increase in user expectations, Software design moved beyond the scope of a single developer to produce Softwares in a reasonable time. One of the main developments of computer is the Web Browser

Web browsers play a large role in the computer society. The browser is the application software that resides on a personal computer that interprets and displays the html code sent from the web server. At present Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the most used browser in the world. Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google for windows systems. The browser is designed to make web surfing safer and faster. It offers users a minimal design and what Google describes as "sophisticated technology" to make the web faster, safer and easier on windows-based pcs. Firefox is a very popular open source web browser for Windows, Mac and Linux from the Mozilla project. Including a search box for Google and other major sites, the Firefox user interface was designed to be easily customizable by adding "extensions," such as a stock tracker, auto fill and hundreds of others.

This study tackles about the comparison and contrast of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The aim of this study is to determine the advantage and disadvantages of each browser. This chapter provides Objectives, Statement of the Problems, Scope and Delimitation of the Study and the Significance of the Study this study will also provide the Definition of terms that is most likely need to be classified.

II. Objective

• Identify the faster browser between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.,

• Determine the features of the two Browsers.,

• Describe the advantage and disadvantages of the two browsers.,

• Know the two browsers compatibility with different kinds of OS., and

• Determine the advancement between the two browsers.

III. Statement of the Problem

This study aims to have a comparative analysis between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and its benefits to its users.

1. How many are the users if Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in Cavite State University Campus?

2. What are the similarities and differences of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox?

3. What are the benefits that the users can get in using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox?

IV. Scope and Delimitation

This study focuses on the distinctive characteristics of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as two different Internet Browsers. Moreover; this will show and cite its welfare to respective users. The researchers will be conducting random sampling survey in 100 students of CvSU Campus.

This study limits its coverage on the students of CvSU Campus only its main purpose is to identify the efficiency and the maximum capability of each browser in different kinds of Operating System.

V. Significance of the Study

This study will...
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