Baby Shower

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Baby Shower
A baby shower is a conventional celebration that emerged in the United States. The practice has now been adopted across the globe, from Europe to Asia. However in the latter, it is mostly attended by women only, whereas in the West men also take part in the festivities. There are various beliefs concerning baby showers; some choose to consider it for just the firstborn, others prefer to conduct the affair after the birth of the baby, and yet others believe that a birth in the family does not require a baby shower to commemorate the occasion. The shower is generally hosted by a close friend of the expectant mother, who distributes party invitations, plans mementos, and organizes prizes for various games. Commonly received mementos include picture frames and assorted candy, while bath beads and candles are often distributed as prizes. Location and decorations are also important factors that must be taken into account. The baby shower involves bestowing gifts upon the unborn child, baby-themed activities, along with snacks and drinks. Cake is usually a staple in the menu; otherwise, there aren’t any restrictions on what should be served. Popular games include Baby Shower Bingo and Baby Trivia – these provide entertainment while keeping the focus on both the parent(s) and their baby. The gifts are intended to be helpful for the new parent(s), as it saves them the expense of having to buy each individual item for their newborn.  Specific items are requested through the baby shower registry, and this lessens the chances a parent receiving useless or multiple copies of one item. Additionally, it relieves the guest of the hassle involved in of thinking up a suitable present. Therefore, the combination of ease and convenience for both the guests and new parents has made baby shower registry a huge success.

Baby Shower Registry
A baby shower registry is an efficient method of informing those attending a baby shower of which items will be required after the birth of the child. Registry is available in many prominent chains where you have the option of either going to the store itself or completing the list online. The first step is choosing a shop which is dedicated solely to selling baby goods is fine, but large department stores which have a section concentrating on infant care is also a decent choice. However, there is no restriction on the number of shops one can register at; if multiple locations collectively cater to your needs, you are free to select more than one. However, too many registered lists can be unmanageable, so it is best not to exceed more than three shops. Items that the parent(s) feel they will need for the well-being of their baby can be easily chosen by either visiting the store location, or browsing the available goods in online catalogs. Physically going to a shop has the benefit of receiving informed advice from the salesperson in charge of the infant related products or the registry representative. They will offer you a checklist of all the items they have available, and once you are done marking the items you are interested in, they will enter that information into the computer for others to access. On the other hand, online registry can be done from the comfort of your home, and in some websites, lists of other customers are viewable which can guide you in your selection. In both cases, certain forms must be filled out, including name and contact information. Baby shower registry is a quick and convenient way of preventing duplicate gifts and receiving items that will help you to care for your newborn.  

Baby Shower Gifts
It is customary to present gifts to the parent(s) of the unborn child as an attempt to lessen the financial load they face, and as a symbol of their affection for the unborn child. Items that would be helpful for taking care of the infant are generally given, which can conveniently be sorted into 11 categories; nursery, gear, layette, bath, travel & weather,...
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