Baby Observation (Infant)

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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After observing the video called "Babies" , I decided I wanted to do my baby observation on baby Hattie.Hattie is from San Francisco .She comes from an American family.Like any ordinary American(white) family , Hattie seemed to be raised more like in the modern days comparing to the other three babies.Hattie grew up in a good environment.She was raised by both parents.I believe that being raised by both parents could really make a difference.She had both parents that were able to protect her, love her, & demonstrate there love towards her.Hattie's parents were present to capture every memorable moment.Like her first smile,laugh,tears,steps,& most of all her first words.They knew when something was wrong with her or when she felt happy. It all started when beautiful Hattie was just born and showed her first smile.In the video is shows parents and I believe grandparents showing her affection.As the days went by it showed that Hattie enjoyed being in mother's arms.Hattie's mother is rocking her with a rocking chair.The baby could feel her mothers warm affection.It shows the baby that she has her mother and feels safe.Little by little her parents are showing her different things such as her mother reading to her and father bathing her.Then, it shows that Hattie's a little bit older.Older enough to be sitting in the couch by herself.While she was sitting on the couch , she got this strange feeling.She couldn't possibly know what it was.She made an awkward face expression but it was just the hiccups.Hattie and grandma are bonding together when baby Hattie decides to suck on grandmas finger.Mother is taking Hattie to her regular check up and gets weight.One thing that caught my attention was that Hattie enjoyed admiring herself in the mirror.Like her reflection was amusing her.The there comes quality time with mommy and Hattie at a yoga class.There is this lady trying to demonstrating Hattie how to do air plane arms and showing her some arm movements.Kattie was placed...
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