Baby Dumping

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  • Published: July 20, 2010
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There are many problems happen around us such as dumping babies. Dumping baby means that the acts of throw away the babies at any places without take care the babies. We can know about this because of this case appears every day in newspapers, we can see that these cases are increasing from time to time. According to the statistics of baby dumping cases in Malaysia issued by the Headquarters of the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), Bukit Aman, in 2000, a total of 65 cases of baby dumping have been reported throughout the country. This serious case should be aware by the community as it becomes more popular among teenagers in Malaysia. Dumping babies become more serious among teenagers in Malaysia due to poor guidance from parents, lack of religious education and uncontrolled social life.

Parents play high role to teach their kids to become good in their behavior. Besides that, parents also have to guide and advise their children in whatever they do. It’s true that a good parental foundation can steer someone on the right path and tragically, there are instances of children seeming doomed from the start. They receive such poor guidance from their parents when they are young. Parents should be held accountable for the children they raise. Sometimes, parents don’t give full attention to their children as today many parents are expect their children are good enough. Parents are also too busy with their jobs until they forget to give attention to their children. This is a serious problem among parents as they don’t know what their children are doing. According to Dr. Khaidzir Ismail, Psychologists of children and adolescents from University of Kebangsaan Malaysia, 2007, “Conflict in the family kicked out of youth to find a place and friends can help overcome life and at the same time meet the needs of finance, entertainment and emotional development”. If someone has poor parental modeling but still goes on to make fantastic life choices, we would...
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