Baby Care

Topics: Skin, Bathing, Bathtub Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Care of Skin and Bathing

The skin is the largest organ of the body. There are a lot of different skin types and it is of utmost importance that the skin is not exposed to the sun as sun exposure can eventually harm the skin.

0-1 year (P5)
A baby aged 0-1 year should not be bathed everyday but only two to three times a week. Instead the topping and tailing procedure is to be carried out. Topping and tailing procedure involves the washing of the face, neck, under arms, folds and creases and genital areas by using a cotton wool and warm water. This is the way to keep a baby clean. The topping and tailing procedure is needed everyday. Topping and tailing should be done before removing the nappy or before putting the child in a bath. Rinse well with cotton wool. It is very important to pat all skin areas dry and not rub the baby's skin and apply lotion. Afterwards, dress the baby in a clean nappy and clothes. A bath cleans and refreshes the baby's skin and allow the baby to relax. A bath should be given once a week. During this procedure, the baby is to be held firmly and is always attended to. It is important that during topping and tailing, before giving a bath, the nappy should not be removed. Always put cold water before adding hot water and test the water using your bare elbow; the water should be warm.

As for every procedure, considerations should be taken when handling a baby. When caring for a baby, it is important that no jewellery should be worn as this may hurt the baby. Always prepare the room, the needed equipment and clothes before you handle the baby. While preparing the room, pt the baby in a safe place. During the topping and tailing and bathing routines, never leave the baby unattended. Water should always be warm as hot water can cause the baby severe pain and damage. It is very important that the room is warm. Any routine should not be rushed. Allow time to communicate with the baby by singing and talking and always maintaining...
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