Baby Bottles on Smoke

Cigarette, Tobacco smoking

Have you ever wondered about today's kids' habits? Like, the things they have influenced from adults? We usually think on why do they prefer to get their mouths busy with cigars rather than something to munch on? Or, occasionally, they'll just unconsciously grab a bottle of fresh-bubbly beer, drink it, and act normally like nobody's caring about it. Or maybe when they're just with their friends. Mostly, I find these kind of children on the streets, near sari-sari stores, and somewhere they can't be clearly seen by adults. So, how did can they keep up with this? Will there be a solution to this issue? Children at young ages who smokes and drinks is not illegal. And that's a good thing. But the problem here is, they're too young and that their lungs and liver can't handle such damage that will cause by these adultly habits. The main reason why kids smoke or drink is because of curiosity. Some careless parents would just ask their kids to buy them cigars or beers at the stores without even thinking that children like them aren't even suppose allowed to touch these kind of product. Good thing that they have approved the Sin tax Bill. It is about increasing the prices of cigarettes and alcoholic drinks. It is a great news for the producers but a little bad news for the consumers with no jobs, no savings such as the minors. It has been approved for one reason and one reason only. So that minor ages cannot buy these products anymore. To save them from dying at an early age and for increasing the rate of healthy Filipino Children. When people are healthy, they can work more and produce more. So thank God that they came up with this idea. No one here in this world wants to have a loved one die because of some disease. I know I don't. So I hope that children with feeling mature minds could understand the fact that no one wants them to do in with bad habits and die early. It's for their own good. They'll just have to wait to get older and do those...
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