Baby Boomers, Gen Y and the Issues Usa Face in Regaining Industrial High Ground

Topics: Generation Y, Demographics, Generation X Pages: 10 (3438 words) Published: January 11, 2013
“Baby boomers, Gen Y and the issues USA face in regaining industrial high ground”. Hiring a fresh graduate is becoming a new trend in the corporate world. Even though this generation has a comparable (also called as Generation Y or Millennia’s) lack of work experience and other management skills, to the previous generation X and baby boomers. The beginning of the Generation Y into the workplace is bringing new changes that need to be addressed. They are looking for a sustainable environment offering a social structure within both a physical and virtual environment. Hence companies are trying to ascertain their attitude and work habits that need to be incorporated into this existing culture. The characteristic of these generations are also defined as, tech savvy, racially diverse, socially more interconnected and collaborative. Bringing fresh and innovative skills to the work place. They have got lots of enthusiasm within them, meaning they are ready to work a more flexible schedule and can also keep a better work/life balance. As baby boomers are readying for their retirement stage, they have carried lot of work experience with them but the problem is “How do they pass on their skills and knowledge to these future generations?” The problem with baby boomers is their unwilling attitude to change their ways, they will always argue stating “this is how I prefer doing my work, or this is how we’ve always done it”. Why is this happening? Baby boomers are also called the post World War II generation, brought up in ever expanding industrial world, they have a passion for doing manual work, being raised in a patriotic environment i.e. love for their nation, regularly going to Sunday prayers whilst also helping their neighbour. Also that was the time, when the rate of immigrants flocking to the USA was much lower than today’s standards; also most of the immigrants were European. Hence people during that period didn’t interact much with other people. Compared to today, 13% of the US population consists of immigrants coming from different nationalities; therefore today’s generation is much more racially diverse and more socially interactive compared to previous generations, Gen X and Baby boomers. Since generation Y, was brought up in a more tech savvy environment, they don’t simply adapt new ways of doing things, they internalise them and try to come up with new ideas. Surveys show companies such as Google, Intel, Microsoft, Infosys and the Android developers are among the most highly ranked companies for Generation Y, in terms of job satisfaction and flexible scheduling. "Tech companies play to Gen Y's entrepreneurship and wanting to work in a company that's constantly moving," says Dan Schawbel, managing partner at Millennial Branding. One of the problems with today’s generation is that they are less committed and loyal towards any work environment. They will sometimes become lured by better opportunities or if they become bored with their jobs. Jo Ann Binzen, a human resource manager had this to say about the younger generations “they are being lured away. They don't have that loyalty. They might be offered more money and even if they like working here, it doesn't stop them from leaving". The reason for this might be that the current generation don’t wish to change their lifestyles; they would rather change their working environment then changing their needs and goals. Today’s generation want instant success without having to graft for it, which is compared to what their parent’s did to earn a living. Because generation Y have already seen/learned the problems concerning the previous generations, this makes them more confident and ambitious to overcome any issues more competently. In today’s world, if you wish to replace the baby boomers with Generation Y, then it is advisable to look into the pool of labour, there are so many talented youngsters whom can easily replace them. The problem is, will they work as responsibly as...
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