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Topics: Demographics, Baby boomer, Cultural generations Pages: 3 (838 words) Published: April 19, 2009
Through the study of demographics, we are able to group and characterize different generations. Demographers have been closely studying the Baby Boom generation as this abnormally large group has made many vital contributions to society, in their time of being the largest, most influential age group living in our time. Generations that have followed the Baby Boomer generation have been proved to live in the shadow of their elderly. Many of these generations, such as the Baby Bust, Generation Y, and the Millennium Kids have very contrasting morals, and way of living to those of the Baby Boomers.

The generation of Baby Boomers is likely to be one of the largest and most recognizable generations of our time. This generation has been recognized not only for its enormous size, but for all their accomplishments and contributions to the world and the way in which we view the world today. Baby Boomers were born from 1946 ' 1964, the people born after the end World War II. Their birth was caused because of the great joy and prosperity seen by the world after the war, and so their birth caused a major change on society. This generation can be characterized as "career driven" (Aaserud, K), because they had the urge and need to stand out amongst their own in order to be successful in school, the workforce, and life. The Baby Boomers have always been the center of media attention, as "marketing experts are trying to tap into their wallets." (p. 13) With such a large demographic of people, marketers understand that products focused towards their needs, are guaranteed to be making big bucks. Cosmetic surgery has reportedly increased 70% since 1981 (p.13), as the Baby Boom generation, is attempting to keep their appearance young. These statistics come at no surprise to many. Similarly, clothing companies are manufacturing clothing to better suit the Boomers changing body type, with the introduction of many loose fitting tops and bottoms. The Baby Boomer generation has...
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