Baby Abandonment

Topics: Abandonment, Pregnancy, Infant Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: March 3, 2013
n the world today there are numerous single teen and young adult women having unwanted pregnancies. A lack of experience and maturity causes many of these young parents to feel frightfully inadequate in the face of their newborn child. Some of these people believe abortion is immoral yet also see putting a child up for adoption as an insurmountable burden. For this reason, there are those who feel justified in abandoning a child, leaving him or her parentless. Through The Glass Darkly:The Reflection Of Society

The arts, whether through words, film, melody or watercolor, have always reflected the society that created them. Within these renditions, the role of the women holds a great importance. ... Of course, others abandon their child not because of any ethical dilemma but because they are without any sense of responsibility whatsoever. Many of these tragic circumstances can be prevented or overcome through establishing orphanages, increasing the availability of firehouses where the child can be dropped off, and by having more strict laws against the abandonment of an infant. Orphanages would help a great deal in decreasing the numbers of abandoned children. Imagine a place where a distraught Today's Choices Forges Tomorrows Future

Today s Social Choices Forges Tomorrow s Future Abandoning or discarding newborns, racial diversity, and the AIDS virus are, I believe, are three major social issues that we need to ... parent could turn their child over to people whom they knew would care for it. Moreover, think of the considerable attractiveness of turning one s child over with no questions asked or moral judgments passed. Orphanages on the other hand can present problems. It is hard for a healthy child to be raised in what so often can feel more like a warehouse than a real family.
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