Baboons: Habitat, Adaptations, and Impact of Humans

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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The Baboon
* Baboon Life

The Baboon which belong to ‘Cercopithecidae” from the Old World monkey family. Baboons are found in Africa, south of the Sahara and in the Saudi Arabia desert. Baboons have five subspecies including the hamadryas, the Guinea, the yellow, the chacma, and the olive baboons. ( S.C. Strum. 1987).


Baboons are the most widespread primate in Africa. Recognized for their ability to adapt, baboons can be found in a variety of habitats. For example, some have been found semi-desert to rainforest, and from coastal areas to mountains. Their adaptableness also extends to their feeding habits, baboons will eat just about anything. Baboon's diet includes a wide variety of plants, which they eat every part: the leaves, the fruit, the buds, the flowers, the roots, the bulbs, the tubers, the seeds, the shoots, the bark and even the sap. As for meat, these resourceful monkeys will eat insects, shellfish, small reptiles and amphibians, rodents, birds, fish, eggs and even young antelope or livestock.

Several kinds of baboons live in Africa and southwestern Arabia. These include the Hamadryas baboon, which lives on plains and rocky hills of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and eastern Africa near the Red Sea, and the Chacma baboon, which dwells on rocky regions and open woodlands in southern Africa. Olive baboons inhabit the Kekopey cattle ranch located near the town of Gilgil, Kenya. The central part of the ranch consists of open grassland studded with occasional patches of bushy shrub, scattered thorn bush, and small groves of giant fever trees. (S.C. Strum. 1987)They eat a wide variety of foods including insects, flowers, leaves, fruits of bushes and herbs, and most significant of all, the grass itself. Baboons eat the green blades of grass during the rainy seasons and dig for corms (the underground storage organ of sedge grasses) when the ranch is dry. They can carry food in pouches inside their...
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