Babies, Reaction Paper

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Although the movie “Babies” is not your average movie with a plot, climax, bad guy, good guy type of movie it can be very inspirational and educational. Along with cute funny moments that leave you in awe and laughter, this movie shows a lot of psychological aspects being involved along with sociological norms of four babies from Tokyo, San Francisco, Mongolia, and Namibia. From reflexes, to motor development, to basic brain development, these come along from growing up as a baby. Starting off with newborn reflexes, there were many reflexes occurring throughout the entire movie, from sucking to stepping. The reflex sucking results in the function of feeding; all four babies have been breast fed through the film, such as where the baby cries at the interval 1:09, but the mother than breast feeds the child and the baby stops crying. Much imitation occurred such as at the interval 1:03:00; one baby bends over and places hands on the ground than the other baby comes and imitates the same position. More imitation occurs at interval 42:02 the dog licks the baby’s face and the baby sticks his tongue back out at the dog as if he wanted to lick him back. Another example of imitation occurs at interval 52:05, the baby attempt to imitate each other motion with their hands, lips, and sound. Fine motor skills which is small movements such as grasping and reaching, and gross-motor skills which is control over actions that help infants get around in the environment such as walking, crawling, and standing, all happened through the movie. Freud’s psychosexual stages signs show up in this movie. First with the phallic stage where the child’s pleasure focuses on the genitals, examples occurred where the baby would sit and just touch its genitals. Another stage that develops in this movie is the latency stage where the child develops social and intellectual skills. This can overlap with the term experience-expectant brain growth which refers to the brains rapid development...
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