Babies Are Strange Creatures

Topics: Sleep, Infant, Circadian rhythm Pages: 3 (1000 words) Published: April 29, 2009
Babies are strange creatures. I had the privilege of taking a fake, yet VERY realistic one home for 72 hours, and what an experience that was! She taught me many great lessons of being a parent, number one being, I don’t want a baby any time soon. But also she made me realize the quantity and quality of time invested in a child. Not only did she eat none stop, but she also needed her diaper changed, and the nurturing like a real mother would give her child. Her sleeping habits were probably as close as you can get to a real baby. She never slept an entire night. I’m glad I decided to take the weekend off of work, or else I would have been very tired.

Nutrition is a vital need in a rapidly growing child’s life. “From birth to 1 year of age, human infants nearly triple their weight and increase their length by 50 percent.”(Santrock 80) Babies are amazing. They grow so fast. Without a balanced diet, babies can be malnourished. While I was taking care of my little girl, it seemed like every time I turned around she was crying to eat again. After every feeding she required to be burped. If you don’t assist in the burping, the baby may get a bad stomach ache. A child’s diet relies on the parent. “A recent national study of more than 3,000 randomly selected 4-24 month olds documented that many U.S. parents are feeding their babies too few fruits and vegetables, and too much junk food.” (Santrock 81) So we, the parents, need to step up and provide our children a healthier future, by starting with our newborns.

Having a child means money. When I say money, I mean you are going to spend a lot of it on diapers, formula, housing, and clothing. I learned that I would NEVER bring a child into this world unless I knew I’d have the money for him/her. My little girl constantly required a diaper change, and diapers are expensive. If you don’t change a child’s diaper consistently and according to their needs, you can give him/her a rash, or even a bacterial infection. So you...
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