Babette's Feast

Topics: Sacrifice, Love, Wealth Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: November 11, 2010
Babette’s Feast

While watching Babette’s Feast, the notion of sacrifice and selflessness really resonated with me. Throughout the movie, in the pursuit of a personal end goal, different characters gave up different aspirations in order to achieve it. This concept is something that we can all relate to because when we make decisions, we end up asking ourselves what we are sacrificing in order to make it come true. In the movie, there were several characters whom have made significant sacrifices for a greater good. The pastor devoted his whole life to creating his own congregation. Similarly, the two sisters were devoted to their father and their congregation. As a result, they devoted their entire lives to the benefit of others rather than for themselves. Lorens sacrificed the person whom he loved (one of the sisters) in order to finish pursuing his dream of attaining material wealth. And finally, Babette gave the ultimate sacrifice at the end of the movie. Growing up surrounded by chefs it only made me realize how great a sacrifice Babette was making by giving up her life in Paris. As a renowned chef, one whose meals were praised by the wealthy, having to give up that life and instead live a poorer one (monetary wise), was very saddening. The character that I am able to relate to the most is Lorens. Lorens felt that he was unworthy of the love from one of the sisters, so he gave it up and went on to pursue other materialistic goals. He ended up marrying another woman of position, but he was not truly in love with her. At the end of the movie when he is getting ready for Babette’s feast, he asks himself whether or not the choices he had made during his life was worth it. He gave up what he truly loved for a life of materialistic satisfaction. Materialistic wise, Lorens did well for himself. But, I believe he did not personally satisfy his innermost desires, especially since he reflects on whether or not his current life is the best he could...
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