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Babel the Final Part of the Trilogy

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Babel the Final Part of the Trilogy

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Babel is the final part of the trilogy created by director Alejandro Gonzáles Iñarritu and writer Guillermo Arriaga following the first movies Amores Perros and 21 grams. The movie came out in 2006 and is built up by series of half-stories that takes place in three different countries; Morocco, Mexico and Japan. The movie contains stars like Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett and Gael García Bernal. The movie shows language difficulties as well as cultural differences.

The central story involves Richard and Susan, whom is a married couple with two children. Richard and Susan are vacationing in Morocco to try to get over the death of a third child. When they are sitting on a bus, Susan suddenly gets shot in her shoulder, trough the bus-window. The bus was chosen as a random target by two young Moroccan boys that were out with the family’s goats. The boys had a riffle that their father recently bought. They take turns shooting at cars and busses that come along the road because they don’t believe that the riffle can shoot as long as the seller said it could. Back in California we meet Richard and Susan’s children and their Mexican nanny. She is forced to take the children over the boarder to Mexico because she has to go to her son’s wedding and she couldn’t find anyone else to watch them. To get to the wedding works out pretty well, but on their way back over the boarder they are stopped and it turns out they don’t have all the papers that are needed. The nanny’s nephew decides to drive anyway, which results in more problems. The children and the nanny are left in the dessert in the heat. The third story in the movie is about a Japanese deaf-mute student, Chieko, who is struggling to get over her mother’s suicide. Her frustration as well as her increasing sexuality makes several awkward situations throughout the movie.

All these stories are linked to each-other by circumstances and coincidences. It turns out that the man that sold the gun to the boys’...

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