Babe Ruth Paper

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  • Published : November 12, 2008
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Babe Ruth Paper
Babe Ruth was known as the greatest player ever to play baseball, our national pastime. Babe was known as an idol to the American public and there were a few key factors that attributed to it. Known as a pitcher and a slugger, the “Bambino” set all of the single player records in the major league in his era. By setting dominating America’s pastime every time he touched a bat, Babe created an image that he was the broad shoulders of a booming economic America at time. Another factor to his popularity was that he was good with people and especially loved children because he loved the innocence of the young. In the film, there were many of babe’s friends telling stories of how he would go on the field after the game and sign autographs for hours to make them happy. Another factor that helped make him an icon was that the Babe was a normal person. He wasn’t known for his intelligence, and so he was seen as a normal bystander off of the field. He also participated in cross country railroad trips with the Yankees to promote baseball in the sandlots of small towns, which made this image of the Babe as a quality person to the public.

I would say the criteria of a person to be considered a hero, is that the person’s actions affect the lives of others and change them for the better. I think of the Babe as an American hero, because he changed peoples’ lives. Even if he was an alcoholic and a womanizer in his personal life, he helped set an example for the lives of many with his play on the field and his generous acts off of the field. His dominance of the baseball world made him look legendary, and he created motivation in people who watched him, that this normal guy could do amazing things and then this image could have transcended into others to believe in striding to become great as well. Another reason I think he is an American hero is that he loved children and he always made them happy. He was a foster child in his youth and he wanted...
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