Babaji on Depression

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Cause Of Depression And How To Cure It

H : Yesterday you were talking about depression and how to cure it.

Baba Ji: "Naam bina sabh mithia hai - bereft of Naam all is temporary."

“I am” is a depression. What you call normal life is actually all depression. Ask anybody how they feel. Children will say that they are bored or fed up. Fed up already at such a young age? Why? Because of the desires for more toys. More desires means more depression, more anxiety and more stress. Unfulfilled wishes create stress. Stress feeds anger, resentment and all the other attributes of anger pile up. These are all feeding your ego and when your ego is not happy it is called depression.

However, in ego Truth is not known. For example, it is customary to buy jewellery and gifts for a wedding, but it is all less than the Truth. If it was Truth, dealings bewtween people would be heart to heart. By making marriage into an exchange of gifts and full of ceremonies, people are not winning hearts, they are just trading in bodies and exchanging possessions in order to please people's egos.

It is the same in Sikhsim. People are paying for ritualistic readings (Akhand Paat), they are buying and selling God's word.

A truer marriage is when two souls deal heart to heart. But the truest divine marriage as written in GurBani (God's Words) is when a Bhagat (saint) meets GOD within the self. That is the real marriage. People often say they are soul mates – actually they are not united with each other. The real union happens the moment your ego dies whilst you are still alive in body. Then you are one with Him. Anything that is done under the influence of Maya is a depression. Any unfulfilled dreams end in depression because it’s a house of illusion.

Over-thinking is also a sign of depression, stress and anxiety. And what is over-thinking? Either the guy says, "I need respect," or "I need acclamation in everything, my achievements". The punishment for all this is depression.

So when you slander, the slanderer gets what? Firstly, he is already depressed because he’s under the influence of Maya and secondly by now slandering, he’s actually putting nails into his own coffin. By sowing hatred within his own mind it becomes his coffin.

So all of these things are all depression. Depression leads to stress and stress leads to physical shaking.

Your Amrit (life-force) is being drained out because of your own thinking and negative thinking eats all your goodness away. So when your goodness rots away then what are you? You become what you think. So your thought is of hatred so you are attracting hatred from the universe above as per the law of Universe affecting Body (Brahamanday-Pinday).

You are inviting hell into your life by hating others. But by loving others and loving God you are inviting heaven into your life. You are inviting Sach Khand (realm of Truth) into your life.

So when you are stressed it will shorten your breath. Your lungs are not functioning as normal, as you would in a state of meditation. Hence you are burning and killing yourself.

Stress causes physical shaking because it contracts your muscles an in unusual way. If stress goes out of hand, you will get heart muscle spasms. So you are actually killing yourself by slandering others.

And by ignoring others, or by driving yourself to over-achieve you will burn yourself out in the end. You are chasing Maya where you should be chasing Truth. You dont need to chase Maya because whatever you have sown in the past is going to come to you regardless of you chasing it. By chasing after Maya you burn yourself out and only get whatever you were destined to get anyway.

In this world of Maya - this dream, you are seeing another dream; trying to fulfill your own personal dream within the dream of Maya.

Rather than being trapped in a dream within a dream, you should dream of reality. Try to solve the puzzle, wake up out of the dream and realise the Truth.

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