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Topics: Request, Question, Inductive reasoning Pages: 2 (388 words) Published: February 5, 2012
Do it Now—Quiz 10 questions—Chapters 6 & 7
1) When making a routine request, you should
A) use the inductive plan.
B) assume that the audience is willing to comply.
C) demand immediate action.
D) explain the consequences of failing to comply.

2) In the body of a routine request, you should
A) beg the reader to grant your request.
B) explain and justify your request.
C) give your sales pitch.
D) explain what will happen if the audience does not do what you are asking.

3) When making claims or requesting adjustments, you should begin by A) complimenting the company for past service.
B) providing a detailed description of the faulty merchandise. C) providing a straightforward explanation of what the problem is. D) threatening legal action if you do not receive a favorable adjustment.

4) In a positive message, you should explain your point completely in the A) introduction.
B) body.
C) close.
D) None—all parts are usually the same length.

5) The categories of routine replies and positive messages include all of the following except A) answering requests for information and action.
B) granting claims and adjustments.
C) refusing requests.
D) sending goodwill messages.

6) What three goals should you have when answering routine requests and a potential sale is involved? The three goals involved in answering a routine request with a potential sale are: 1. Answer all questions thoroughly

2. Leave a good impression of you and your company
3. Encourage future sales

7) List four guidelines to follow in preparing the opening of a routine request in the direct format. Four guidelines to follow in the opening of a routine request are: 1. State your request up front

2. Pay attention to tone
3. Assume that your audience will comply
4. Be specific

8) If your routine message must convey some mildly disappointing information, put the negative portion into as favorable a context as...
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