Ba 2196 Annual Report Analysis

Topics: Fortune 500, Annual report, Financial statements Pages: 3 (1283 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Writing Assignment #3: Annual Report Analysis

In this paper, you will analyze the annual report of a single Fortune 500 company, asserting and giving evidence of the most powerful visual, verbal (and, if relevant, aural) techniques and strategies the document uses to target and persuade its intended audience.


1. CHOOSING THE RIGHT FORTUNE 500 COMPANY’S ANNUAL REPORT: You MUST choose in advance and register via e-mail (1st come, 1st serve) for one of the 43 designated annual reports—at the end of this document—for which you can comfortably identify plenty of the following rhetorical strategies to write your analysis about: * Visual TECHNIQUES/STRATEGIES

* E.g., Photos, colorful charts, graphic representation of data, formatting that chunks information (like section headers or bullets)

* E.g., Descriptive, powerful wording to affect the reader (these can describe the business, the products/services, the people who work for this company, etc.)

* Mixed Visual/Verbal/Aural TECHNIQUES/STRATEGIES
* E.g., Videos—which may use powerful visuals, descriptive language (heard or written on screen), and even music (an aural strategy) that affects the person viewing the video

WARNING: If you choose an Annual Report with only a letter to shareholders or that is just the company’s SEC 10-K financial reporting, your analysis and your grade will suffer.


“Ten Things to Remember When Writing An Annual Report” a National Investor Relations Institute article (posted on Blackboard) ** This article will be helpful in writing this assignment.

For more information on the Annual Report—what it does, how it does it—see the following site:


Analyze the annual report of a single Fortune 500 company of your choice, asserting and giving evidence of the most powerful...
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