B2B Case 2

Topics: Cost, Costs, Price Pages: 4 (1278 words) Published: April 4, 2011
MKT 3416: Business to Business Marketing
Case: “Oce Technologies & Croon Elektrotechniek”

1. List the points of parity, difference and contention between XES 870 DDS and the Oce 950. (No need for details, only points required) Points of Parity:
* Equipped with control, copier, folder and a scanner. This allows legacy blueprints to be input and saved as digital files. * Hold 100 folded-sheets of paper with the available option of purchasing up to 9 additional stacker trays at a rate of €30 per tray. Both had a maximum capacity of 1000 folded-sheets. * Reduce amount of time draftsmen and operators spend on document production jobs and eliminate the need for an accountant to examine and summarize repro tickets each day. Points of Difference:

* Oce has 3 paper trays with 5 paper rolls whilst XES 870 DDS has 2 paper trays with 3 paper rolls. Thus, Oce 950 has overnight printing capability and changes rolls less frequently, unlike XES 870 DDS. * Oce has 3 paper cutters, 1 per drawer whereas XES 870 DDS only has 1. The added precision with 3 paper cutters results in fewer paper jams. * Oce 950 has a higher list price and maintenance cost than XES 870 DDS. * Oce 950 runs on Microsoft Windows NT operating system software and has no need for additional programs. XES 870 DDS requires installation of Xerox’s AccXES operating system software, and would possible require additional training on the use of the system. * Oce 950 generates €3000 more in annual cost savings. Paper jam costs would be €2500 per year lower. Oce 950 also runs at a lower heat and higher humidity level, almost eliminating jams completely. * Electricity Savings: Oce 950 consumes a little more power and runs at a faster rate of speed hence consuming less energy with more time spent on standby and thus saving €160 more than XES 870 DDS. * Roll change costs: Oce reduces costs by €636 per year since Oce operators have to change paper less frequently * Oce is...
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