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2.1Direct Markteting2
2.2Digital/Internet Marketing3
2.3Advantages & Disadvantages3
3Ethical and Legal Issues4
3.2Legal Issues4
4B2B & B2C5
5Databased Marketing8


“Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying , anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably“ (The Chartered Institute of Management) Marketing is as old as civilisation itself.

The first use of “Marketing“ as a technical term was between 1905 and 1920 by american universities. Now the days there are many different subgroups of Marketing. Two of them is Direkt and Internet Marketing.

This report is about Direkt and Internet Marketing with a focus about changes in the past, which includes also the society changes, the reason why it grows and the benefits. Furthermore the report, based on four case studys, shows the difference between business to bussines (b2b) and business to consumer (b2c) plus a short overview of Databases Marketing.


Direct Markteting

Direct Marketing is an interactive system of marketing that uses one or more advertising media to effect a measurable customer response or transaction at any location and stores information about that event in a database. For many years, marketers loosley defined marketing as "identifying and satisfying customers neets at a profit" Up to the 50s and 60s, mass marketing and mass communication dominated marketing practice. (Brian Thomas & Matthew Housden 2011 p. 3) Now the days the system changed, Not in the way in which companys look at their customers but rather in they way how they present there "products". There is now a dialog between the company and the customer, which allows the company to create, for example advertising, which fittes perfect to the customers. It is, of course mass production, but in a way that satisfy the customer from the beginning. Direct Marketing needs a special, strategic planning. The "short life expectancy" of the Marketing Director is the reason. Probably up to 3 years a Marketing Director works for a company. In this short time the department must implement everything. This claims a hard disziplin from everyone.

Digital/Internet Marketing

Digital Marketing is a tool to promote products using all ways of digital advertising channels to reach consumers. The way of reaching the customers is by using for example Internet, TV and Mobile. Exactly these medias, especialy Internet, gives the company a big place to run free. Internet Marketing is a subgroub of the Digital Marketing.

This type of marketing uses various online advertisements to drive traffic to an advertiser's website. banner advertisements, pay per click (PPC), and targeted email lists are often methodes used in Internet marketing to bring the most value to the advertiser (Business Dicitionary) Advantages & Disadvantages

There are a couple of advantages for the company as well as for the customers. The customers is now in a postition, that allows him to shop 24 hours a day from anywhere without going to the store physically. That also includes a interactive and immediate communication between consumers und the company. Now they can interact with the seller's site to find the information about spezific products, or services they desire, then order or download them on the spot. Companies can also interact with customers to learn more about their needs and to build customer databases. which are helpfull for a targeted advertising. Beside this the expense of maintaining, for example a physical store, is not of further interest. This can lower costs. Digital catalogs cost less to produce than printing. This includes a greater flexibility. Unlike a paper catalog whose products and prices are fixed until the next printing, an online catalog can be adjusted daily or even hourly, adapting product...
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