B1 Discuss the Skills the Practitioner Requires to Effectively Communication in a Social Care Setting.

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  • Published : November 19, 2011
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B1 Discuss the skills the practitioner requires to effectively communication in a social care setting. Practitioners need many skills to have effective communication in a social care setting. The first thing they need to have the effective communication is to stay professional. The second skill required would be listening because then you are giving them the respect and you are building a stronger relationship with each other by respecting of their opinion and views. The fourth skill would be having good eye contact because this shows that you are respecting and valuing them. Written skills can also have an effect on the communication as this is another way which the practitioner will need to communication by for example sending out emails to parents. The sixth skill required to have effective communication in the social setting is to remember to not use jargon or slang as it does not look very professional. Another skill would be to have a shared and collective understanding of language. It can also be by having good verbal skills because it gets both parents and practitioners to communicate face to face and can be oral in context such as when writing a letter. The last skill would be to using non-verbal communication. ‘’people who use services and cares can feel powerless when they become involved with practitioners, so it is important that their expertise and views are recognised and respected. Practitioners also need to be honest about their own views and concerns. Communication has to be a two-way process.’’ (http://www.communitycare.co.uk/Articles/2008/10/17/109700/proven-practice-communicating-with -services-users-and their-carers.htm) B2 Discuss why team work is important within social care setting. Team work is important within a social care setting. Teamwork is something that needs to be taught in all settings that children are involved in. It is a set of skills and must be taught and practiced. The teamwork would be strengthened by respecting,...
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