Aztec or Mixtec Ceremonial Knife

Topics: Aztec, Mesoamerica, Human sacrifice Pages: 3 (1074 words) Published: August 21, 2012
Aztec or Mixtec ceremonial knife
The Spanish Conquistadors commented on the importance and the amount of sacrifice in Aztec civilization. There are many different arguments about what the role of Warfare to the Aztec is. Some historians argue it to be about capturing people for sacrifice combined with the notion to extract tribute and the expansion of their empire . Sacrifice was of huge importance, it was a socially accepted act of Mesoamerican civilizations. The reason sacrifice took place is a huge debate with many different arguments, some of which talk about its integral link with Aztec religion, and some of which talk about it political importance. One event with huge controversy over is the 1487 mass sacrifice that took place at Tenochtitlan. Not only is there debate over the volume of sacrifice ranging from 80000 to 20000 in different codices, but also for its purpose, was it for religious reasons or was it political shock and awe tactics. The handle of this knife is carved from a single piece of wood and takes the form of a crouching man wearing the regalia of an eagle warrior .The eagle, in Aztec culture was a bird of the day, and helped the sun across the sky . The Eagle Warrior was a well respected rank of solider. On the handle the Eagle Warrior demonstrates how fundamental human sacrifice was to the Aztec’. The Aztec’ placed war at a central role within its society. Warriors captured other soldiers or civilians and gave them to the priests for sacrifice, this was key in the warriors ascension as a warrior, the more captives the more celebrated you were as a great warrior, thus captives and sacrifice were of great importance to the Aztec, as they were a warrior based society. The Mésheeka' or Mixtec sacrificial knife was just for ceremonial use, the blade was not strong enough to perform sacrifice . Thus the knife demonstrates the importance of Mésheeka'or Mixtec religious values, as to manufacture a knife so incredible shows it great symbolic...
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