Aztec Dbq Essay

Topics: Aztec, Mexico, Mesoamerica Pages: 3 (1076 words) Published: November 8, 2011
‘Probably no other nation, past or present, has received such a bad press as the Aztecs (or the Mexica, as they usually called themselves). In the minds of the public at large, the Aztecs are almost universally viewed as a cruel and sadistic people...’ Sophie D. Coe & Michael D. Coe (‘The True History of Chocolate’). It isn’t denied that Europeans were being praised for their “oh-so-advanced” culture, while the Aztecs were considered barbaric even though they had such intellectual minds and rapidly growing technology. The start of the late Aztec period in modern-day Mexico City was from 1350-1519. Mexico City was called Tenochtitlan, which was where the Aztecs expanded their culture, power, and politics. Of course, they expanded well, and the religion spread well too. Like similar societies, human sacrifices were major components in Aztec religion. On the other hand their culture and society were different from other civilizations. The Mexican people of the Aztec empire had essential education for everyone. They also advanced in medicine as well. Mexican Aztec culture expressed in religious, economic, territorial, social, and political institutions and practices.

The Aztecs started out their extraordinary society in the early 1300s through early 1500s in present-day site of Mexico City. Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) was located on a marshy island with limited resources, they built a few thatch and mud huts, and some small temples.  The Aztecs worked hard to improve the quality of their lives. They adopted an agricultural system of farming called the Chinampas. and in a short period of time, the land was transformed into a fertile and highly productive island. The early Aztec people divided themselves into different ethnic groups all around Mexico. As more of the Aztecs migrated towards the north, the linguistics of Nahuatl spread well; Nahuatl was a language in central Mexico related to languages of northern Mexico. These Aztec ethnic groups all spoke...
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