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  • Published : September 13, 2008
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My role in the Aztec community is to sacrifice for the sun god (Huitzilopochtli) so that he may bring prosperity & life to our people. We sacrifice to our gods as they did when they sacrificed themselves to bring us here, & in a way we are repaying our debt to the heavens. I am a priest of the city of gold and this is my life..

-Day 34:
It was the day of sacrifice & our warriors had captured people from a native tribe nearby. We had been preparing for this following days for almost a year now as it was the 52nd year & the year of eternal sacrifice. We started off with a preparation sacrifice which consisted of one helpless child…

‘As he climbed the temple stairs he was whimpering and quivering the whole way up. As he gets to the top and lies down on his back, my men grab a hold of him as tight as the sacred cobra. He gazes over to me in despair... I could almost taste the fear... I pulled out my sacrificial knife and healed it over my head and drove it into his chest. I then pulled out his heart… still beating in the sunlight. I put it up to the sky while my men tossed his body down towards the raging crowd. The pool of blood ran down the stairs which seemed to please the awaiting peasants down below. After my sacrifices were complete the celebrations had only just begun which would later continue till dawn.’

-Day 35:
The morning had arrived and I could still smell the ever lingering blood in the air.

The night came & we prepared as it was the day before the eternal sacrifice. When the evening star reached the top of the sky we stretched the captive over the alter, lit a fire on his heart & inside his chest, then cut it out and held it up to the sky. I then placed the heart in a bowl of sacrifice which held the heart for tomorrow. Later that night the celebrations continued but the fear of the ending of the universe was still held in our people’s minds.

-Day 36
As morning arose the thought occurred to me of what...
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