Azerbaijan Economy

Topics: Investment, Finance, Economy Pages: 3 (877 words) Published: October 1, 2008
Foreign investments are decreasing
During January-August of this year 1 billion 572.2 million manat was invested into Azerbaijani economy by foreign investors. Last year this indicator was more for 7.3% compared with this year. According to the State Statistic Committee as in previous years GB’s share in investment to Azerbaijan is more. In the given period GB’s share in this area was 46.6% or 732 million 687.3 thousand manat. On the second place is USA with 326 million 272.7 thousand manat (20.7%), then comes Japan with 167 million 199.6 thousand manat (10.6%), Norway 104 million 589.1 thousand manat (6.6%) and Turkey which invested 82 million 967.2 thousand manat (5.3%). This list of investors continues with South Korea 2.4%, France 1.1%, Iran 0.6%, German 1.8% Czech 0.4%, Russia 0.5% and other countries like United Arab Emirate, Saudi Arabia, Luxemburg, Italy, Finland, Austria, Sweden, Kazakhstan whose shares are 0.1% or less than that. Investment portions from all this countries has decreased GB which is on the first place has decreased investment for 1.9%, USA for 18.4%, Japan for 19.9%, Norway 20.6% and Turkey for 19.9%. This tendency is observed from the beginning of the year. According to the first term of this year, investments to Azerbaijan have decreased from all resources. In other words this process was also observed in international financial institutions. Not to mention, according to the first term of this year investment from foreign companies and international financial organizations has decreased approximately for 10.1% compared with the same period of last year. Among those financial institutions, investment to Azerbaijan was decreased for 40.1% by ADB, 14.7% by EBRD and 16.3% by Islamic Development Bank. Among international financial institutions which give credit to Azerbaijan WB is in the first place. The list is continued by ADB, EBRD, IDB and The Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development. Some of them increased credits instead of...
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