Ayumi Hamasaki and Perfectly Normal Life

Topics: English-language films, Ayumi Hamasaki, My Story Pages: 2 (408 words) Published: December 18, 2012
I am delighted to have this opportunity to share an article written by me based on some interesting thoughts that run in the minds of all the teenagers, like you & me, across the world. My topic is: I AM AN AVERAGE TEENAGER

'I am exhausted'
Why? You may ask?
Well you see, it was one of the days full of socializing- A get together with school pals, college in the afternoon (Well, I actually bunked and went to juhu beach) and of course I saw the evening show of the latest movie (Delhi belly!) with my girlfriend. So, basically I am just an average teenager.

My philosophy in life-live life to the fullest! That includes movies, pizza's, parties. Oh! I forgot- STUDIES!!! They just don’t seem to end, do they? Exam after exam after exam and then there those research projects & presentations to add some variety to life…!

Then comes those times when I feel I’m being dragged in ten different directions at the same time......an outing with friends, some events in college, spending time with family, an Everest of books to go through..!

What do I do?
(My favorite question)

And then comes the sudden (and kind of short lived) ambition to 'do something meaningful in life’. So I join the rat race of professional courses to give myself the educational edge and also enroll for a million co-currics so that there is some 'Personality Development'(not like I need it!).A few weeks of juggling (I can’t juggle) and I realize that I’ve got to limit my activities according to my energy levels (0.00003).

'So much to do and so little time!'
(My second favorite dialogue)

And then comes the feeling of defeat (I hate that work!).You've got to take it sportingly or you run the risk of becoming dull and sorrowful.

So anyway, as u see, I lead a perfectly normal life. My day begins with the Sun rising in the east and ends with the Sun setting in the west. I live by a saying: “Small grains of sand,
And the tiny drops of water,
Make the mighty ocean and...
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