Ayala Property Management

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   Ayala Property Management Corporation (APMC) is the biggest property management company in the Philippines—both in terms of aggregate revenue and the scope of portfolio. It is the property management arm of Ayala Land, which is one of the Philippines’ largest and most trusted real estate companies. It started as the Building Administration Division of Ayala Corporation and was spun-off as Insular Building Services in 1976. In 1988, we became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ayala Land, Inc., this time as Ayala Property Management Corporation. For more than thirty years, we have continued to be the sole property manager of Ayala Land, Inc.’s prime real estate projects, including most of those developed by Ayala Land, Inc. and subsequently sold and handed over to new property owners. MISSION

     We are in the property management to consistently exceed our customers' expectations by providing world-class facilities, and delivering efficient, prompt and innovative services. We commit to enhance the value of the properties we manage and achieve a fair return to our shareholders. 

     We recognize that our employees are the principal assets of the company. As such, we focus on their training needs, inculcate the values of professionalism, integrity and teamwork, provide career opportunities, and reward outstanding performance. 

     We shall contribute to the preservation of the environment and the development of the communities we are doing business in.

     To be the best property management company in the Philippines, so that when people in business think property management, they think first and foremost of APMC and the property management standards set by the Company.

CUSTOMER ORIENTATIONThe Customer, our reason for being, is foremost in our minds. Everything we do, we do for the customer: we anticipate and respond to his/her ever-changing needs.A customer is someone who needs to be served. We must share a common mindset, that of rendering whatever it takes to satisfy the needs & expectations of our customers. Those who deal directly with external customers serve as vital conduits for support groups to appreciate the needs of the external customers and how these are to be met. The organization becomes a network of interlocking relationships among internal customers and service providers, ultimately leading to the satisfaction of the company's ultimate customers.QUALITYQuality is measured by customer satisfaction. A quality service anticipates and exceeds customer expectations; a customer may be an internal or external customer. A quality service has the following attributes:Quick/Timely Response A quality service is one that is delivered at the right time.Value (cost) A quality service delivers the best value for the customer's money.Features A quality service offers extras that differentiate the service from competition.Aesthetics A quality service is appealing, distinct and identifiable.By creating service that are of high and lasting quality, APMC not only because it’s an ALI Subsidiary but also in terms of the personalized service it offers, becomes the preferred choice of the market it serves, thus reinforcing and sustaining our industry leadership. The APMC brand name, established through the years by providing services of superior quality, is our most important competitive advantage.PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCEPursuit of excellence means that there is a constant quest for perfection. All employees conscientiously seek to do the right things right, the first time. Since perfection is elusive, it also implies that learning is institutionalized. Lessons are learned in everything that is done; they are disseminated and taught to others; they become part of standard operating procedures. Pursuit of excellence also implies that the organization is agile enough to change as the situation demands. It is the organization that learns; it is also the...
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