Ayala Museum Reaction Paper

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  • Topic: Ferdinand Marcos, Philippines, People Power Revolution
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  • Published : April 3, 2012
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The Ayala museum is the home of the Philippine’s art, history and culture. It is where collections of iconic paintings, historic dioramas and historic costumes are displayed. Many of the artifacts are similar to the designs learned in our art class. The beauty of the colours shows how the Filipinos appreciated colours in their design. The visit to the museum made the lectures we heard in our art class come alive. The Museum is consisted of four floors. The top floor having displayed the Gold of the Ancestors, the third floor showcasing 18th – 20th century artists and their art works, the second floor displayed dioramas of the eras that were experienced by the Filipinos, and lastly the ground floor displayed contemporary Philippine art. Upon entering the said museum, I was full of excitement, because of the fact that I haven’t been able to visit any museum within the vicinity since I was still a child. Having to realize that I will finally see some of the artworks and topics discussed within our class up close and personal. I was really excited. When I visited the museum I didn’t have any tour guide to show me around the museum, I was all alone about to witness the wonders of the Philippine arts and craftsmanship without anyone telling me where to go, where to look and pay attention, But having to go there for the first time, I didn’t know where to go and where to start, and so without any hesitation I was able to ask help from some of the museum keepers and security, where is where? And how could I really enjoy my visit to the museum? The museum keepers advised me to first go to the fourth floor and work my way down in order for me to understand the concept of the museum and the history of the Philippines. Upon entering the first chapter of my visit, which is the fourth floor, I was really enticed by all if the jewellery and porcelain that were displayed to see and studied by visitors. Looking through them, I was able to appreciate every plate, pot, necklace...
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