Axis Bank Project Report on Operations

Topics: Scientific method, Data, Research Pages: 3 (586 words) Published: May 24, 2013
1. Summaries the research paper
Under the following point:
1. Reference
2. Title of the research paper
3. Aims and Objectives
4. Different steps involved in research paper
5. Analysis and interpretation of the research report
6. Findings and suggestions of report.
1. Rewrite assignment no.1 in the frame of different steps involved in the process of research methodology. 1. Identification of problems
2. Designing objectives
3. Review of literature
4. Data collection
5. Data analysis
6. Data interpretation
7. Findings
8. Suggestions.
1. What is the scope and relevance of research in today’s scenario? ASSIGNMENT NO.4
1. Explain in detail:
(a) Various types of research
(b) Research design.
1. Explain research design in context with in case study given in assignment-2. ASSIGNMENT NO.6
1. Explain with suitable example various types involved in research process. 2. Explain the necessity of identification of the research problem in any research. ASSIGNMENT NO.7
1. What do you mean by data collection? What are the various types of data’s? What are the various methods of primary and secondary data collection? 2. What is the necessity of primary data collection and what are the various parameters to be taken care while collecting primary data. ASSIGNMENT NO.8

1. What do you mean by conceptualization and data measurement plan? 2. What are the various sources of errors? Explain it various types of errors. ASSIGNMENT NO.9
1. What do you mean by library research? Group discussion and in depth interview? Support your answer with suitable practical example. ASSIGNMENT NO.10
1. Explain data management plan with various elements of.
2. What do you mean by sampling? Why it is necessary. What are the various factors responsible for respresentive sample? 3. What is the purpose of sampling? Explain the...
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