Axe Visual Analysis

Topics: Male, Female, Sex Pages: 3 (749 words) Published: October 2, 2011
Analysis of Axe ad

For this paper I chose “Axe” ad, because a lot of impression are made by how you smell or look. This company advertisement sends a message to people that only one spray of deodorant makes you smell the best ever for opposite sex, and also makes girls definitely love you, and will be willing to help you as possible. The ad is aimed for younger men, who are seeking women. This ad is seeking these guys attention by showing the hot body of the female. Most of the men, who are watching at this ad, would not be looking at the car, but at woman. Creators are trying to play with mind of men and use woman as a thing, a part, or even a car washer, a part of something but not a person.

Target audience

Younger men have become addicted to body sprays; the company of “Axe” is offering perfume that is aimed younger and younger men. Like in this commercial female looks very hot, she’s wearing high heals and pink a panties that highlights her long legs and slim figure. So all guys want to be in his place, because they can see the result of Axe spray: how they can succeed in attraction of female. In the article “What’s Wrong with Cinderella” the author talks about colors that females may like. So one girl in this article ordered “princess meal”, and the waitress said: “I bet I know your favorite color; and handed her a pink balloon rather than letting her choose for herself”. (56) It emphasizes the pink color. This color represents young attractive female in today’s society. And in this ad this female is wearing pink panties, so that makes her more attractive to the female audience.

Text and Image

The text in this ad says “Save on your Axe. Save on car washing”. So we can say that if you buy this cheap spray, you will be attractive to the nice females and they will help washing your car. We can see the main characters in this picture are female and male who are washing a car that nice and sunny day. Look at the environment of...
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