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1. What is the context of the campaign? ______________________P3

2. Is it an in-house communication action? ____________________P5

3. What is the objective of this campaign? ____________________P6

4. Describe the target audience in this campaign _______________P7

5. Is this advertisement a part of an integrated marketing communication action? If so, can you give me more details about this plan? ________________________________________P9

6. Analyze this communication actions using semiotics. __________P11

1. What is the context of the campaign?

The global strategy of Axe Anarchy campaign

The Axe Anarchy campaign follows the Axe Hair campaign, but also differs from it. In this case, the products are addressed to Boys and Girls. We have the main change of this campaign. The previous campaign was more focused on girls attracted by men. Axe assumes that men like being seduced. This feeling gives a huge boost to men confidence. Although many brands tried to set up this proposition, Axe just made it perfect.

Basically, Axe always used the same methods to promote the launch of new products. The tone employed in the different ads such as TV commercials, print ads and billboards was attracting people due to the humor used.

The interactive marketing goal was at first to raise awareness of the customers and then engage them properly. Advertisements are visible all over the web, the existing and prospective customers can communicate in an informal manner through communities services such as Facebook or Twitter. Axe organizes upbeat events for its new product launches. Axe sponsors a wide range of others events such as Festivals, music shows in order to be connected directly with their customers and collect data from them.

The previous campaign could be summarized as being :
”Getting girls has never been so easier” (thanks to Axe effect) . Axe promotes this idea and it is obvious, in their advertisements. This idea is reinforced by the storytelling and the video underlines the provocative and contrarian personality of the brand.

The humoristic tone used in the advertisements circulates and creates a positive vibe throughout their clients. It projects its products as cool, fashionable and stylish all the attributes which are linked to a fragrance. Axe anarchy campaign has started since the beginning of 2012 Now we could see reciprocity between the two genders. Both men and women are attracted by and to each other.

The case of Axe supplies

The case we were given to study deals with Axe supplies, this teaser show boats organized as a military group, each boat contains an ingredient that permits the success of the Island Party: Barmaid, Ninjas, Old Leaders, Singer, Axe Boxes, and of course a selection of cute Boys and Girls. The elder people which are 4 in the video, could be seen as the group leader, they are the ambassadors of the Brand, and also let the old audience think they have got a second youngness, with the leitmotiv: «Take Axe you will be young forever». Indeed, all the participants of the party sing the same music, in order to point out that they are all members of this community, brotherhood. The music has got an epic rhythm which let suppose that there will be action in the next coming minutes.

The aim of this teaser is to play on customers feelings, make them dream with all the ingredients gathered. It plays also on the audience curiosity with some components such as Ninjas, and balls at the beginning of the teaser which let them interpret what this stuff could be for.

It implies that the audience could be part of the video.

2. Is it an in-house communication action?

What can be concluded about Axe global communication is that this company uses two different Methods: On one hand, Axe uses classic way to promote the launch of new products such as, Street Marketing, in this case: We can notice famous actors reproducing...
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