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Within seconds, an average looking young man is becoming an object of women’s sexual desire – luscious one, having voracious appetite for pure chocolate.

The deodorant he uses is believed to make this mental picture practicable which the commercial creates. Which man has never dreamed of simply being irresistible and sweeping the ladies off their feet just by using a special deodorant? That is the idea of “The AXE Effect” which implies that every last man could be the object of women’s desire by using this antiperspirant. Considering all this you can divine that there must be a convincing marketing concept behind it. And that’s why we decided to follow up with this special brand.

AXE (or LYNX) is a brand of male grooming products, corresponding to the Anglo-Dutch cooperation “Unilever”. It is marketed towards young males aged between 12 and 29. The AXE brand found its way into market in France in 1983 and was introduced to Germany just a few years later in 1985. Launched as a stand-alone brand AXE originally existed in three fragrances: Amber, Spice and Musk. Because of the distinctive black and silver cans it quickly became associated with masculinity. Having immediate success with the body spray line, AXE decided to launch a new branch with antiperspirant and deodorant sticks in 2004. Then they expanded their array of products shower gels in 2005. And since 2009 there’ve been a line of hair care products for men. Today, AXE is world-wide available in 56 markets.

In the following report we will give a clear picture of the AXE’ global marketing plan, we’ll also try to provide guidance for the implementation of the strategies taken by the company and for extending present potential. To do this we will examine the marketing strategies; a SWOT analysis and the Product Life Cycle will be carried out. Moreover we’ll draw a comparison to another European market.

1. Global Presence

Figure 1

Over time, AXE has been introduced to many different countries. Starting off in France in 1983, AXE now can be found in 56 different markets (marked blue in figure 1) all around the world. Due to trademark conflicts AXE is promoted as LYNX in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Ireland.

2. The Segmentation Process

The deodorant market is segmented on a broad scale. First of all the differentiation between male and female costumers and secondly the various types of firms offering different fragrances, design and protection, furthermore the segmentation by age.

Every segment of the deodorant market can be highly profitable since over the past years the male market has grown as big as the female market due to more and more young gentleman putting a huge effort in the way they look / represent themselves.

Starting off in France (1983) as the first stand alone deodorant, AXE spread into many other segments of the market in the following years. In order to keep sales and awareness up, nearly every year a new fragrance of AXE deodorant is introduced with great success.

3. Marketing Mix /Product Life Cycle

3.1 Product
AXE is a brand of male grooming products, corresponding to the Anglo-Dutch cooperation “Unilever”. The deodorant body spray is the core product of the AXE product line. It is an all-over body spray with long-lasting fragrance and effective protection. AXE deodorant body spray is offered in a wide range of fragrances; some variants of the twenty-seven which were launched are: Voodoo, Twist, Phoenix, Click and Dark Temptation. All of those are dermatologically tested. AXE deodorant body spray is known for its “AXE Effect” which basically turns every man into an object of desirousness. By establishing “The AXE Effect” and creating a design which is appealing to...
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