Axe Essence

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  • Published : April 22, 2012
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Axe Essence
MKT 310 T,TR 5pm
Dr. S. Spralls
Patrick Morrissey

Businesses and organizations use advertising as a channel source of marketing in order to communicate a product, service, or idea to a targeted audience. These companies strive to create a particular advertising appeal, which is “the basis or approach used in a advertising message to attract the attention or interest of consumer and/or influence their feeling toward the product, service, or cause”(Belch & Belch, 2012). The company takes into account various social factors before encoding the message in the ad in order to create a positive attitude toward their brand and product in the market. The two different media channels advertising is used are traditional media, including mass media (television, magazines, newspapers, etc.), and new media, such as web sites and text messaging. I am prepared to discuss and analyze the advertising objectives and tactics of an Axe Essence body spray advertisement in Rolling Stones magazine. I will discuss the ad’s executional format, targeted audience, and message/persuasion strategy as if I was a brand manager for Axe. Axe Ad

Axe’s executional format of the magazine ad, in Rolling Stone, is a picture of a good-looking couple walking down the sidewalk with two store windows to the right of them. The man’s lower body is stopped and is facing the store window on the right, which has a mannequin dressed in red lingerie in it. The man’s upper body is continuing walking happily with his arm around his girlfriend. In the bottom right corner of the ad is says, “Part Good. Part Bad. That’s Man’s Essence. New Axe Essence” and has a picture of the new Axe Essence body spray can. The Axe Essence body spray ad is creative and catchy. The use of computer software to edit and manipulate pictures is unbelievable and can help create a stimulating advertisement. This Advertising Objective & Tactics

Axe’s advertising objective of this ad is...
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