Awkward Feminism

Pages: 2 (889 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Awkward Feminist Analysis Essay
The popular MTV show Awkward is about a high school girl, named Jenna. Jenna is trying to live a normal life, while trying to find her identity in the world. In the first season, the text is oppositional because the main character Jenna is a model character going against the hegemony. Within the second season, Jenna’s life does a complete turn-around. Her personality soon changes, along with her appearance and group of friends, making the second season of Awkward a preferred text. Jenna starts out as your average girl. She is decent looking and has a small group of close friends. After having an accident at home, the kids at school try saying she attempted suicide, making it hard to blend in, like she want to. What everyone doesn’t know about her is that she has a secret fling going on with the most popular boy in school, Matt (“Mattie”). She is an occluded model character for now, being that the TV viewer is supposed to relate to her. Mattie, as stated before, is the most popular boy in high school. He has good looks, money and is the best player on the school’s football team. While having a secret sex life with Jenna, he tells her that no one can find out because it might ruin his reputation. He is the perfect preferred model character. Every girl wants to be with him, and every guy wants to be like him. He is very self-conscious about his peers’ views of him. Sadie, the most popular girl in school is a preferred anti-model. Her popularity in the school comes from her wealth. Her father built the school’s planetarium which gives Sadie a sense of authority over everyone else she goes to school with. She is also athletic, popular and very rude. She says what she wants to whomever she wants and does not care, because she knows her place in the school. Even though she is very mean and not very smart, people still look up to her for advice. She is also Jenna’s arch enemy. Jenna could never understand why, until she realized that...
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