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Topics: Research, Scientific method, Experiment Pages: 16 (4715 words) Published: April 22, 2013
SCI110 Scientific Research Methods
Assessment Task 2A: Project Proposal (15%)
* Purpose: To develop a plan for conducting a small, simple quantitative scientific research study. * Assessment type: This assessment task is group-based, with one assignment submission per group. * Group marking: All students in the group are awarded the same grade. Only one submission per group! * Group size: Groups may include no more than three students. * Group organisation: All members of the student group must belong to the same workshop as far as possible. * Task: The task for this assignment is to develop a plan for conducting a small scientific research study. The plan will detail, among other information: * Any necessary background;

* The research question;
* How to design an appropriate study to answer the question; * The variables in the study;
* The process of data collection;
* Potential difficulties and solutions;
* A short Abstract.
* Format: A proforma called the Project Proposal is provided later in this document. This must be filled out and submitted. * Peer feedback: Formative peer and tutor feedback will be provided via the workshop activities. * Further details: In this assignment, you are required to indicate your plans for conducting the analysis, but the data collection, analysis and reporting is Assessment Task 2B. This Assessment Task forms the basis for successful completion of Assessment Task 2B. * Selection of project: Students may choose any project that meets the conditions provided in this document. Ideas for projects are provided, but do not have to be used. * You must submit a hardcopy and an electronic copy (via SafeAssign). * Your hardcopy submission consists of these four documents stapled together: * The FoSHEE Group Submission Assignment Cover Sheet 2013. This form is available from the Course Homepage under the Assessment link. This Cover Sheet must appear as the first page of your hard-copy submission. * The completed Project Proposal itself. This form appears at the end of this document. * The completed Self-Assessment Form. This form appears at the end of this document. * The Feedback Form for your marker to complete. This form appears at the end of this document. * How to submit your hardcopy: All four documents must be stapled together, and submitted in hard copy to the tutor in your workshop. Only one submission per group! The Cover Sheet must appear as the first page of your submission. * Where to submit your hardcopy: You must submit your assignment in the workshop in which you are officially enrolled. If necessary, change your official workshop. * You also need to submit electronically via SafeAssign by uploading only the completed Project Proposal form. * Links to Learning Outcomes: This Assessment Task directly addresses five of the six Learning Outcomes: * Develop research questions and testable hypotheses

* Design appropriate scientific studies to answer simple scientific research questions. * Select, apply and interpret the results of, the correct statistical technique to analyse scientific data * Comprehend, apply, and communicate in the language of research and statistics * Demonstrate professional integrity in planning, interpreting and reporting the results of scientific studies. Choosing the project topic

Some ideas for projects follow. These are only some of the possibilities; it may be better and more interesting to find a topic that is important, interesting or relevant to you personally in your studies, or through your hobbies, sports, or work.

The essential idea is to investigate the effect of one variable (the...
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