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It's really hard to choose between the two applicants, Sebastian Slime and Mordecai Rossi, because they have so much in common. Firstly, they each have an MBA from Harvard and performed equally well in their course work. Since finishing graduate school, Sebastian has been able to use his personality to assume a responsible position in a trade company. In the same way, Mordecai has been able to assume a responsible position in a manufacturing company. Both seem to have performed well in those jobs. What is most remarkable though, is that they have identical hobbies and are members of the same clubs. They enjoy skiing, golf and bridge and have membership of the Snob Valley Country Club and the Brown Nose Beach Bridge Association.


Even though Tae Kwon Do and Taido are both martial arts, they are strikingly different in many ways. In examining Tae Kwon Do’s movements, it’s easy to see that a majority of the techniques involve using the legs and feet to strike an opponent. The Tae Kwon Do student uses these weapons because they have amazing striking power and offer a greater reach than do the hands. This power can easily disable or even kill an attacker through a single blow. Just as amazing is the history of the art. Tae Kwon Do was developed in Korea before Christ was born, and has been handed down through over 20 generations. What was once only practiced by monks in 5 B.C.E, has exploded into a nationally celebrated art. Finally, Tae Kwon Do’s path into history is it’s most amazing feature, especially since the art became an official Olympic sport in 1988. Experts predict that each year the art likely will gain more recognition because of its Olympic status, its history and its techniques. It is also predicted that the number of people who practice Tae Kwon Do will reach the three million mark by the end of next year.

Comparison and Contrast:

As broad as their sounds are, there are several very distinct similarities and...
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