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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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Rough Draft
Kalind Parkhurst
Dr. Lori Pash

Wars have been fought throughout the history of America. Some have had great influences on the way America is today. Some wars have had advantages and some disadvantages, but none the less every war America has fought has influenced the way Americans live today. The Revolutionary War gave American colonists the opportunity to create its own country. With opportunities like this, people have the ability to create a future for them self’s and for future generations. Other wars can have disadvantages, such as feuds lasting decades. The Cold War between The United States and The Soviet Union lasted from the end of World War 2 to the early ‘90s. With wars lasting as long as the Cold War, there will be other conflicts or wars that are triggered. The Korean and Vietnam Wars were triggered from communism spreading from the Soviet Union to other countries. The United States was preventing communism from spreading, so declaring war on these countries would be deemed essential. Throughout history America has fought in wars, having advantages and disadvantages, the advantages have outweighed the disadvantages.

Wars have had advantages and disadvantages throughout history. Some wars have been used to prevent communism from spreading to the rest of the world. These wars would include the Korean and the Vietnam War. The Korean War was the first action in the Cold War, between the Soviet Union and the United States. North Korea started by invading South Korea, and the United States backed South Korea. One disadvantage of the Korean War was the number of lives lost. Five million soldiers and civilians would eventually lose their lives in the Korean War. After General MacArthur took over allied forces, the North Koreans were pushed back, and South Korea would remain communist free ("Korean War", 1996-2012). The Cold War has had positive and negative effects on the world. The space race and technology advances...
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