Away - Michael Gow

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Introduction Thesis – In the novel Away by Michael Gow all the characters have the desire to win and this can be interpreted as making the right choices for a good life. These attitudes to life can be seen through the characters Gwen, Harry, Vic and Tom.

Body Paragraph One –
Topic sentence – The character Gwen is the main protagonist who has a desire to win in the play Away. Gwen is seen as a stereotypical nagging wife and a mother who can be classified as a snob. Gwen’s dialogue is full of negativity and she is seen as a source of conflict and a barrier to winning a good life for her family. This is shown through her choice of achieving a good life by purchasing a new caravan Page 10 “We’ve got a new caravan. Everything in it you could want.” She sees herself superior to others and has caused conflict in her relationship with her family for the expense of her material possessions and social status. Explanation- Gwen is driven to improve her life because of the childhood she lived. However, she is pushing her family away driving them to always have conflict. “This case won’t close” Page 16 is a prime symbol which demonstrates the conflict in her family as Gwen has thought about her choices in life to gain money but has achieved this goal with the expense of her family. Link – Gwen’s desire to win and her definition of living a good life is different from Harry’s and Vic’s.

Body Paragraph Two –
Topic sentence - Harry and Vic live with an existential view on life. Their son Tom is dying and they live positively and strong for him. Explanation - Gow uses the “storm” as a visual symbol to solve the conflict between the family of Gwen, Meg and Jim which is dramatically contrasted to the family of Harry, Vic and Tom as they already experienced their storm and have no conflict to reconcile. The stage direction of “the light becomes warm and intense” after the storm shows that this family...
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