Awareness: Writing and Hard Self

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  • Published : December 11, 2005
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Awareness of Language

The written word is one of the most powerful ways to express a persons' true and die hard self. In my short and yet eventful life I have found that in many cases the world of today has lost this idea. Losing this idea of powerful expression has lead many to not be able to express or find words for their situation much the same as Malcolm X in his essay "Coming to an Awareness of Language." Imprisoned, oppressed, and illiterate are just a few words that could help to explain Malcolm X while in his stay at a state prison. While there though Malcolm was able to find language and become a very intelligent man that would have an impact on the world someday. I have come to find that as written in the essay where Malcolm views language as needing to be honored and respected, I agree with him in much the same manner. This language that Malcolm talks about is what helps divide a human from a toad.

Malcolm has many problems through out his essay where he can not be understood or is just misunderstood. I have had much the same problems in my life where I have wanted to obtain a different point of view, but have lead others in the opposite direction due to my lack of awareness of our own language. Much in the ways of these essays I sit and find a point that I want to stand for, but by the end of the essay it is in much the same view that I wanted to oppose.

The awareness of language has made many of tasks much easier in life for me. If I had not had a strong grasp of language through out my life many things I have done would have been near impossible. Some thing that come to my mind when thinking of this is, "How would I be able to write this paper?" or "How did I graduate high school." The awareness of language has also allowed me to stand up for myself and not be told what to do with my life which would have been much harder if I had no ability to express myself in the form of language.

Language is a large part of this world and...
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