Awareness of Teenage Suicide

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Letter of Transmittal
Over the past few years we have seen an incredible increase in teenage suicide, primarily resulting from school bullying. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for teenagers. This has become a serious epidemic. Every year there are about 157,000 teenagers who receive medical care for self-inflicted injuries in the United States. Because of the low funding and non-awareness of the issue of teenage suicide there is a great chance that these numbers could increase. Statement of Problem:

We need to provide our youth with different and effective ways of handling stressful situations during their most difficult years and difficult situations. Many teenagers are not armed appropriately to handle different pressures of life without help. Depression is said to be the leading cause of teenage suicide. Whether it is bullying or changes at home it is important to educate teenagers on the importance of positively expressing their feelings and that they should not blame themselves. Proposed Solution:

One possible solution to this problem is to have support groups at school. This is a way that students can feel comfortable speaking about their problems with a group of peers so they don’t feel like they are alone. We need a program at schools to help teenagers build awareness on this subject. Even saving one child’s life would be a great accomplishment. Scope:

To effectively build teenage suicide awareness I plan to ask focus groups the following questions: 1. What programs are currently being offered at schools?
2. How large is the demand for suicidal prevention programs in schools? 3. What would be the cost of providing awareness at schools? 4. How can awareness programs be set up?
I will research currant suicide prevention methods at schools by speaking to school authorities and researching educational data. I will talk to school counselors about the feasibility of setting up peer groups. My Qualifications:

As a mother of a teenager I am aware that hormonal changes come about at this crucial age. I also know of children in my community, of the same age as my daughter, that have attempted or thought about committing suicide due to bullying in school. My minor will be in Psychology and I would like to know the thoughts that go through the mind of a teenager considering suicide. My determination to find a way of providing children with a way to express their feelings and request help avoiding suicide encourages me to make this study a successful one. Conclusion:

We need to build awareness of the problem of teenage suicide in all schools. I believe if we find a way of providing children access to programs or people who they could reach out to and ask for help the number of teenage suicides will decrease. If we begin this study and start off by asking the appropriate questions mentioned above we will understand where to begin and what exact information our youth is requesting when they are going through troubled times. I would like to begin this study right away. If we are able to build a program that educates and saves at least one child I believe it was all worth it. Audience and Purpose:

Primary audience: School administrators and parents.
Secondary audience: Prof. Diane Mooney.
Relationship with audience: Parents, young adults.
Purpose of document: To build awareness of youth suicides.
Audience and purpose statement: To persuade my audience that through awareness and preventive measures teenage suicide can be deferred, to alert my audience of the statistics of teenage suicide, bullying, and ways to prevent it. Intended use of document: To influence school administrators and parents to provide local programs for awareness and prevention of teenage suicide. Information needs: Local and national...
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