Awareness of Teenage Pregnancy

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Tears streaming rapidly, the new mother unaware and unable to contain her emotions, she freezes. He walks away fleeing with her hopes, dreams, and desires. Her whole life is gone just like that, but another life will come. Teenage pregnancy can ruin a life but at the same time bring a new beautiful one. When teenagers tell their father-to-be that they are pregnant, normally the men walk away. If the pregnant teenager does not see abortion or adoption as an option, then the teenager must give up school and the chances of having her dream job. Teenage pregnancy effects are mostly negative, but can also bring new life and purpose. Teen pregnancy can be found anywhere in the world, but the US has the highest rates. Each year in the US 700,000 teen between the ages of 17-19 become pregnant. Although pregnancies should be prepared for and planned, over 80% of teen pregnancies are un-planned. (Williams). We all may think teen pregnancies mostly happen in the early stages of teen hood, but they do not. Two-thirds of all teenage pregnancies occur when they are in the older stages between 18-19 years of age. Out of all the teen pregnancies in the US, specifically teen pregnancies count as 10% of them (Williams). To certain people that may seem normal but a lot do not agree with the facts. Some would have a heart attack looking at the statistics and facts of teen pregnancy. The high numbers and percentages are astounding. According to Amy Williams in the article “At Risk Teens” she explains “Among all ethnicities African American teens have the highest teen pregnancy rate. The numbers of teens that get pregnant per 1,000 teens are as follows, 134 African Americans will get pregnant, 131 Hispanic teens will get pregnant and 48 Caucasians will get pregnant out of 1,000.”(Williams). It is not a surprise that the rates of teen mothers going to college are low, fortunately the number of teen mothers finishing high school has risen. In 1991 the rates have slowly started to fall...
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