Awareness About Cleanliness

Topics: Heat, Light, Temperature Pages: 2 (795 words) Published: November 20, 2010
Winter is the coldest season of the year and also means higher energy and heating bills. It is vital that we retain heat inside our homes and keep cold air out. Eliminating waste or cutting back unnecessary energy use is an easy way to keep your hard earned money in your pocket. Waste elimination is a proven approach to increasing efficiency. By identifying and eliminating possible sources of wasted energy, you can save energy and save your money on utility bills.

Ways to save energy during winter
The cheapest and easiest way to save money is simply reducing the heating within the home. There are lots of inexpensive ways to keep costs down in your home. Following are some of the important ways to save energy during this winter.

Energy Audit: First step towards the cost saving exercise is the energy audit. A simple energy audit includes examining your home including heating and cooling systems, appliances, insulation, air leaks and lighting. Energy Audit attempts to balance the total energy inputs with its use and eliminating waste or cutting back unnecessary energy use. Replace old appliances with new Energy Star rated versions. Caulking and weather-stripping: Caulking and weather-stripping is the easiest and cheapest ways to reduce energy bills. Simple solutions like plastic adhesive tapes, cardboard pieces and other light packing material can be used to fix these gaps. Air sealing a home can reduce heating and cooling costs by 20 per cent. Close Unused Rooms: It is a waste of energy and money heating rooms which nobody ever ventures into. If your home has rooms which nobody uses, it’s a great idea to block them off. Ensure to heat only the rooms that are used by you or your family members and it would be wise to turn the radiators off in those rooms and shut the doors. Turn down the thermostat: Preferably use a programmable timer-based thermostat to set at different temperatures when you are at home, when you are away and when you have slept. You can...
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