"Awakenings" : Scientific Studies

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  • Published : September 29, 2008
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Heather Duke
Psychology 1

Awakenings: Scientific Studies
Dr. Sayer was a very caring doctor who had started working with patients who have been comatose for several decades. He was a very determined human being and when he was told that there was no hope of any cure for his patients, he felt let down but that did not cause him to give up. He was a very open minded person and always believed that you can make anything happen if you worked hard enough at it. He was a loving man with a loving heart.

Dr. Sayer loved having conversations with his patients, whether they were able to respond or not. He was talking with this one woman by the name of Lucy who would never respond to him. He began wondering if there was anything that she would react to. He gets her glasses from her and moves them around but she showed no sign of reacting. He then lets go of her glasses in mid air to see if she would keep them from hitting the floor and she did by catching them. The next day, he was working with Lucy again and couldn’t help but notice that she was constantly looking towards the window. Dr. Sayer walks toward the window and tries to encourage Lucy to get up out of her wheelchair and walk to him so she could look outside. She never moved. He looked out the window in disappointment and saw this little girl playing hopscotch on the sidewalk. He got a random idea that if he painted the tiles of the floor in the pattern of a checkerboard, maybe Lucy would see the floor as a game such hopscotch and would give her more encouragement to want to start walking again. With the help of one of Dr. Sayer’s nurses, he gets the tiles of the floor painted. The day after they had painted the tiles, he brought Lucy in the room and once again, he tried getting her to get out of her chair and walk. It took him a few minutes but his test had worked and she was up and was able to walk.

Another one of Dr. Sayer’s patients was a man by the name of Leonard. Leonard is a...
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