Avoiding Un-Intentional Plagiarism

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  • Published : February 27, 2012
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Avoiding Un-Intentional Plagiarism

In this paper I will explain the importance of correct citation and giving credit where it is due in order to avoid un-intentional plagiarism. Plagiarism is rampant today there are websites that allow you to purchase papers off of their internet sites re-word them and the turn it in and pass it off as your own efforts. By turning in work that is of your own efforts and is citied correctly will let your teacher or instructor know that you are picking up on and learning what they are teaching. Plagiarism also shows laziness, by going online purchasing a paper doing a little word-smiting and passing it of as your own or using another student’s paper demonstrates you not paying attention and possibly not understanding the instructor or teacher. By quoting and citing correctly you are showing academic honesty and that you are able to honestly function in whatever area of expertise it is you are studying for your degree. “All of us were taught that it is unethical to present someone else’s written words as our own” (Foster R.L. 2007). Plagiarism can indefinitely ruin your academic career.

These are a few precise steps you can take to avoid un-intentional plagiarism. Write what you know this will allow you to write your paper with as little research as possible. Try to add any personal experiences you may have that pertain to your writing. By doing this you are obviously writing using your own words because they are of your own personal experience. Take a short break after reading your research material this will allow you to think about what you have read and put it into your own words. Sometimes you may want to read your paper aloud as you write so you know what you are writing makes sense and will be easy for the reader to understand. Most importantly quote and cite whenever it is necessary. If you are struggling to put something in your own words instead of taking all day to figure it out simply use...
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